INFJ Compatibility: The Best Matches For INFJ

However, they may agree to join their partner in these activities to maintain harmony. Activities, where they are free to dream and express their ideas, are highly enjoyable for INFPs. INFPs tend to value sexual intimacy as much as emotional intimacy. Therefore, they are cautious when opening up to their partner.

What does an ideal relationship look like to an INFJ?

INFJs have a profound love for meaningful and thoughtful Conversations. INFJs have a pleasant and friendly way of communicating with others. They like simple, open, and straightforward communication. Very sensitive to negative criticism and gets hurt easily. An INFP girlfriend will treasure her partner and supply them with a steady stream of encouragement and tender support.

INFJs in the Honeymoon Stage

This can be explained due to the fact that many of them have complex personalities, and are introverted and feel drawn to the arts. The INFJ emotional sensitivity also translates nicely in their music and is able to touch the deepest strings of the human heart. They often have big ideas about the world around them – including about relationships, people, and even abstract notions. Love and Relationships play a pivotal role in the life of INFJ personality types. INFJs look for an intense level of idealism in their relationships. They seek soulmates who have similar values and goals in life.

They will focus their stress on physical stimuli like eating, drinking, or shopping. As a couple, two INFJs would likely build their connection by volunteering, attending protests, or working towards a charitable goal. Humanitarian causes are a movement that many INFJs find themselves supporting.

Further, an INFJ can get stressed easily, paying a lot of attention to perfecting details and caring for others. The INFP, meanwhile, is just concerned with operating from their own beliefs. “And somehow through all the chaos and half-forgotten details, they get things done in their own imaginative way,” he says. Meanwhile, he says, INFPs tend to use their imagination to understand other people and fill in the blanks, asking, What if I felt this way? “They act as a mirror for others, rather than an antenna, and they can endure a lot continuously, so long as they’ve sorted themselves,” he adds.

INFJs can help keep ENFPs organized and inspire them to deliver their work in a more orderly manner. In return, ENFPs can push INFJs out of their comfort zone and motivate them to try new things or methods of work. Both types value harmony in the workplace and are very people oriented, placing empathy above logic and cold rationality.

Having a sensitive soul, a craving to connect deeply, and a need to give love make INFJs vulnerable to those who would steadily take in the relationship while offering very little. Marked intellectual compatibility, as well as a strong physical connectedness, are necessary for an ideal INFJ relationship. Advocates care about integrity, and they tend to bristle when people try to change them or talk them into something that they don’t believe. As a result, Advocate personalities gravitate toward partners who appreciate them as they are. Advocates have rare personalities which makes them stand out from the crowd. You can easily know you’re one if you tend to look out for others more than yourself.

While they share some characteristics, such as seeing the big picture and disliking routine, SP types largely lack INFJs intensity and depth in relationships. This goes against the life philosophy of most INFJs, as they are known to place a lot of importance on their personal connections with others. INFJ Personality types find it difficult to communicate their intuitive insights to you. It’s not natural for INFJ personality types to communicate with concrete sensing details, so don’t have high expectations from them. INFJs prefer to speak in abstract terms that has a profound meaning attached to it.

Despite some potential challenges, INFP relationships can be very rewarding, so long as both partners are committed and willing to work through hard times together. As with any personality type, there are both pros and cons to dating an INFP. While the INFP in relationships tends to be emotional, they may have a difficult time with self-reflection, meaning they do not always know why they feel a certain way. The INFP is an idealist who can put any partner on a pedestal, so they can find success with any personality type.

Bear in mind that keeping things novel and fresh is key to both of your happiness. When talking with this person, you may fall into the role of listener by default. Because they are more extraverted than you are, they’ll tend to naturally speak more quickly and have more to say. You tend to be a bit more quiet and reserved, and are often more comfortable letting others have the floor.