‘Seinfeld’-Inspired Outfits You Can Recreate Yourself

In “The Maestro”, Elaine starts dating Bob Cobb, a conductor who insists on being called “Maestro”. In “The Wizard”, Elaine is not sure if her new boyfriend Darryl is black or not and gets mixed signals when she tries to find out. It turns out he is white and he thought Elaine was Hispanic. Elaine dates baseball player (and Kramer and Newman’s nemesis) Keith Hernandez in “The Boyfriend”. Elaine’s longest relationship, besides that with Jerry, is with Puddy , an auto mechanic turned car salesman. Elaine begins dating David in the latter half of Season 6, and later for the majority of Season 9.

He was a good storyteller, George copied his way of wearing the baseball cap backward. He had a baritone speaking voice that was pleasant to listen to. Except for his weird proximity to Seinfelds, there wasn’t a single character flaw in Aaron. He was simply a good man who found a decent company in Jerry’s parents.

When the bandages come off, a horrified Elaine breaks up with him. Unaware that her new boyfriend Joe is the same nut stalking Jerry, Elaine accidentally becomes his new target. While at his house, Elaine finds photos of herself that Joe took from afar. Creeped the fuck out, she sprays cherry breath spray into his eyes and gets the hell out of his place. In season four, Elaine goes to Europe on vacation with Dr. Reston , her psychiatrist. When they return, Elaine tells the gang she wants to break up with him because as her doctor, he knows all her insecurities and has a manipulative, mental hold over her.

Having already worked as a cast member on “SNL” by the time she landed the part, Louis-Dreyfus was more than used to fighting for her ideas in the context of creative collaboration. And one element of Elaine she exerted control over was the character’s wardrobe. Right off the bat, let me say I don’t wear or own dresses anymore, so I skipped the long floral situations and wore dangly earrings and sparkly brooches with every look. I also have a beloved vintage cowboy jacket from a flea market, but I linked places you can get them online. When in doubt, Elaine goes all black, with pinned-back hair and black-and-white shoes. I can, however, watch reruns of “Seinfeld” for weeks on end.

But there are times when she is just as selfish as the others and it can be quite embarrassing to see her act so childishly. There is an argument to be made that Elaine is the evilest out of all of the main characters in Seinfeld. While she has moments of kindness, there are also shockingly dark moments like this one when a phone technician comes to her apartment. The characters on Seinfeld are undoubtedly terrible people and that is largely part of the show’s charm. Elaine joins in on the selfish and insensitive behavior, often doing incredibly awful things that are nonetheless hilarious. However, there are some moments with Elaine that are a little uncomfortable to look back on.

Here’s Every Reason Why Elaine from ‘Seinfeld’ Broke Up With Her Boyfriends

She calls Dr. Reston her “Svengali,” referring to a fictional character who seduces, dominates, and exploits a young woman through hypnosis. Over several episodes in Season 4, she dates Joe Davola, who is—unbeknownst to Elaine—simultaneously stalking Jerry. In “The Deal”, Jerry and Elaine create a set of rules whereby they can be sexually intimate but remain only friends. However, their theory is ruined when Elaine is furious over Jerry giving her $182 as a birthday gift. In “The Mango”, Jerry is shocked to discover that Elaine had feigned her orgasms while they were together. Joe Davola or crazy Joe Davola was a terrifying boyfriend.

“The Deal” (Season 2, Episode

Despite being her “dream man,” Elaine finds out Jack reprised “The Wiz” and ends it for good. After a pep talk from George Costanza about going bald, Kurt proposes to Elaine. Despite being turned off by his lack of hair, she accepts. But, after getting into a fistfight with a police officer, Kurt is jailed for months.

In 2022, these styles would be considered “norm-core” or “dad-core,” but I’m told from my actual dad that at the time, it was just what people wore. While I believe him, it’s hard for me to picture wearing a blazer to a diner, especially if I couldn’t put a picture of it on Instagram after. Elaine, realizing that her dancing was the cause of her staff’s disrespect, apologizes to George and tells Anna he is a good person, which makes him undesirable to Anna. George takes up bootlegging in an effort to restore his “bad boy” image, but gets arrested and cries when a policeman yells at him, shaming him in Anna’s eyes. Frank comes to bail him out but instead gets into a physical confrontation with Elaine after she insults George.

She even tells the man she could have murdered him without anyone knowing which is quite disturbing. It’s never a good quality in a character when they are dismissive or disrespectful to people who they see as less important. This mistreatment of blue-collar workers was not something that came up in Seinfeld a lot but Elaine did momentarily show this ugly side of her. While Seinfeld often did a great job finding humor in interesting subject matter, their dealing with race is difficult to look back on now. In one instance, Elaine is dating a man who she begins to suspect is Black but cannot tell.


“The Revenge” is also the first episode in which the George and Elaine characters collaborate. Louis-Dreyfus later stated that she and Alexander immediately had “some sort of shorthand with one another comedically, and really relished that.” Elaine’s dating history is filled with some truly awful boyfriends, but there are times when she is the problem in the relationship. At one point in the show, Elaine visits her former boyfriend who she admittedly dumped for being overweight. First broadcast in the United States on NBC on April 18, 1991, Nielsen Media Research estimated that the episode gained a Nielsen rating of 14.4 and an audience share of 24.

Colin has had a long passion and obsession with movies going back to the first time he saw The Lion King in theaters. Along with movies, Colin stays up-to-date on the latest must-see TV shows. While he loves to find interesting projects in any kind of genre, he has a special movie of crime stories that are infused with a little dark humor much like the work of his favorite author, Elmore Leonard. Elaine i loved this admits Tony is a pretty dim-witted guy but she thinks he is good-looking, so she keeps seeing him. But when Tony suffers a terrible rock-climbing accident that leaves him disfigured, Elaine promptly breaks up with him and feels sorry for herself for losing an attractive boyfriend. It is a common gag inSeinfeldthat the friendsinterfere in each other’s dating lives, often making things worse.

An even funnier example of Elaine exhibiting infantile behavior on Seinfeld occurs when she accompanies Jerry to Florida to visit his parents, who can only offer her an extremely uncomfortable pull-out sofa to sleep on. Say, speaking of bathrooms, in Seinfeld’s fifth season, Elaine had an awkward run-in with a woman in the bathroom stall next to her who adamantly and unreasonably refuses to “spare a square” of toilet paper. Elaine’s subplot in the Seinfeld Season 2 classic “The Busboy” involves a reunion with a one night stand from Seattle whom she grows to loathe and greatly anticipates his flight home. Unfortunately, they oversleep on the day of his departure, plunging her into an erratic uproar trying to get him packed and ready in the little time they have.

They started dating in 1986 (as revealed in “The Truth”) and dated until 1990. In “The Deal”, Elaine states they only had sex 37 times. In “The Stakeout”, Jerry tells his parents that the reason for the break-up had to do with fighting too much and “physical chemistry”. In “The Chinese Woman”, Jerry describes how Elaine has had a destructive effect on her relationship with her friend Noreen. It is revealed that over the course of their friendship, Elaine has convinced Noreen to join the Army, then go AWOL, dump her “high-talker” boyfriend and then her “long-talker” boyfriend.

As the four main characters are found guilty and sentenced to jail, Elaine gets Puddy’s attention and says, “Puddy, don’t wait for me,” to which Puddy shrugs and replies, “Alright.” A deleted scene shows him meeting J. During the same scene, he was supposed to save Mickey Abbot’s seat, only for it to be taken by Kenny Bania. Elaine is one of the funniest characters on Seinfeld, but from her relationships to her selfish behavior, she has moments that wouldn’t fly today. Elaine did not date real-life serial killer Joel Rifkin, but she did date a fictional character who happened to share his name. Disturbed by the unfortunate coincidence, and after a public confusion at a New York Giants game, Elaine urges Joel to change his name. (One of the first suggested names was O.J, after O.J. Simpson, which is super eerie considering just a few months after the episode aired, Simpson was charged with murdering his ex-wife and her friend…).